BAREMSPRING CONSTRUCTION is owned and managed by a well experienced professional engineer working with other profesionals of various field dealing with all kinds of contracts for building construction.

BAREMSPRING CONSTRUCTION was established in 25th May 2006 then fully Incorporated into the Nigeria business vacuum on the 25th August, 2015. Barde Emmanuel Amos is the Chief Executive of the organization & had worked with Rome Construction as a site manager and Dike/Phills Associate as Planning Director of the firm/Construction Manager in the construction firm. He served as Site Engineer/Project Manager in Port Harcourt. As an Engineer he has completed many civil engineering projects, Housing colonies and Industrial buildings.

BAREMSPRING CONSTRUCTION has completed many projects such as housing colonies, A-class residences, Plazas buildings, Infrastructure works, Industrial buildings, and also renovation works.

Since the inception of the company it has been attained and maintained ever rising standards of performance. BAREMSPRING CONSTRUCTION engaged in construction, contracting & property development.

BAREMSPRING CONSTRUCTION has registered with Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as Baremspring C. Nig. Ltd, RC No.1283154.






Our Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 18491077-0001.

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